Monday, September 19, 2005

This just in ...

The dealer called me this morning to let me know that The Box will be here in less than 2 wks.
We were planning on a month, so now we have to scramble our budget.
It's cool we will get it sooner than later ... I just didn't know sooner would mean this soon. ;)

Getting ready

Damn .. I feel like I'm getting ready for the birth of a child! lol

Our garage is stuffed, and not just your every day normal 'stuffed' .. there is a small pathway and that's it.
So .. here is the plan. Have you ever seen the show "clean sweep" we are going to do a clean sweep on our garage. We will make 3 piles, give away, sell, and put away.
But we won't be 'selling' First I'll email everyone I know and tell them we are having a free yard sale, the next step will be to post the free yard sale on freecycle and then the 3rd step will be to put what ever is left on the curb. So .. Saturday for the clean out, Sunday for friends, Monday for Freecycle and Tuesday to the curb.
I don't think I have ever seen our garage empty .. well, maybe the DAY we moved here .. but that has to be it.
If I were pregnant .. this would be called nesting lol


I think they were made for each other.
I can't wait to take my frst PA IKEA trip in the xB ;)
I bet I can pack The Box pretty full :D

28 days

and counting.
I need to call the ins co. to take the old car off and get an est for The Box.

In 29 days I'll be a Scion-tologist :)

The oder has been placed

so now the wait is on.
30 days or so ...
well, 29 today ;)
Blue xB, 5 speed,

Friday, September 16, 2005

Good News!

Tomorrow we are ordering our brandnew Scion! The dealer has said that it will take at least a month to come in.
More later ... after the paperwork is done!!